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Register on the electoral roll

If you have changed your address or civil status If you are a newcomer to LAPALISSE
You are not yet registered on the electoral roll
You must go to the town hall with identification and proof of address in the commune (rent receipt, telephone bill, etc) before 31st December. You are not required to be struck off your original commune.

Automatic registration:

Registration on the electoral roll is automatic for young people enumerated in the military census reaching 18 years of age over the period between 1st March of the following year and the last day of February of the year after. You should receive a letter in September, however you are advised to check that your registration has definitely been made.

Special cases:

If you live with your parents, ask them to provide you with a statement certifying that you live in their residence.
If you have acquired French nationality, you must present a certificate of nationality or naturalisation.

The right to vote for nationals of the European Union

If you are a national of the European Union, you live in France and have a right to vote in your country of origin, you can vote in the European and the local elections. You must go to the town hall of your residence with:

  • Identification
  • Proof of address or payment of local taxes
  • A written statement

For the European elections

You must indicate: Your nationality, your address of registration abroad, that you will only be voting in France and that you are not deprived of the right to vote in your country of origin.

For the local elections

You must indicate: your nationality, your address in France and that you are not deprived of the right to vote in your country of origin.

Annual revision of the electoral roll

This is completed on 28th or 29th February when any registration made prior to 31st December of the previous year shall come into force. From this closing date at the end of February, registrations made during the year only come into force for the polls of the following year.

Voter registration card

A new card is systematically printed out every 5 years. It is put in your letter box. The regulations lay down that in the event of a change of the voter's address, the post office should not  forward it on but systematically return the voter registration card to the Town hall (even if the necessary mail forwarding procedure has been carried out).

Drawing up a power of attorney

To draw up a power of attorney, you must go to the Tribunal d'Instance, the Gendarmerie, the Police station or the Consulate of France (for persons living abroad).

Consult the electoral roll

All voters can consult or obtain a copy of the electoral roll. It is strictly prohibited to use this information for commercial purposes.