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Les Vérités, pavé Nationale 7 and lapalissades

The "vérité" is a speciality of Lapalisse forming a sweet with a crunchy sugar outside and soft caramel centre that comes in different flavours: raspberry, blueberry, hazelnut, coffee, rum, caramel.

They are individually wrapped and put in see-through bags or a charming round metal box.

The name " lapalissade" was inspired from a confectioner from Lapalisse, Jean Sauvadet, who, in 1922, named his sweets the "vérités de Lapalisse", with the approval of the family descendant. The brand has been held by Séverine and Olivier Thévenet since 2002 who now run the "Aux Vérités de Lapalisse" branding.

With the great traffic hold-up in mind and in memory of the RN7, Olivier also created "le pavé nationale 7" (registered trademark), a subtle blend of praline chocolate and crunchy nougatine.

The master craftsman, André Thépénier runs the brand at La Tentation and les lapalissades speciality, a sweet that comes in coffee, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry and praline flavours.



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A la Tentation 

Maître artisan, pâtissier et chocolatier
Producteur des « Lapalissades » et des « Aliénés »

Phone: 04 70 99 08 34

Aux Vérités de Lapalisse 

Pâtissier et chocolatier
Spécialité « Les vérités de Lapalisse » depuis 1923.

Phone: 04 70 99 05 01

Délices de Lapalisse 

The right sweet and sour balance. The shop also has numerous regional products for sale.

Phone: 04 70 97 57 80

Les Huileries de Lapalisse

and its l'Échoppe des Saveurs shop

Since 1898 all the oils are made in keeping with the rules of the trade under the watchful eye of a master oil maker.

Phone: 04 70 99 76 73

Délices de Babette

Fine foods (wines, coffee, tea), bar, tea room.

Phone: 04 70 99 20 68