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La Palice castle (12th-15th and 16th century)

Surrounded by an outstanding garden, this feudal residence of the famous Marshal of France, Jacques II de Chabannes La Palice has undergone many changes over the centuries. The same family has lived in this castle since 1430. It has magnificent panelled ceilings and is furnished throughout.

And the truisms...

This famous Master of La Palice built the Renaissance part. He died during the battle of Pavia in 1525. His courage inspired his troops to compose this lament: "Alas, La Palice is dead, he died before Pavia. Alas, if he were not dead, he would still be envied".  in the 18th century, Bernard de la Monnoye changed the "would still be envied" to "would still be alive" and added his own verses, hence the famous truisms of La Palice or "lapalissades", wrongly attributed to the Marshal.

The historical part spreads out from the foot of the castle with the place du Puits de l'Image, a wonderful timber-framed house and the Tourist Board.

The castle is also host to a one-of-a-kind collection dedicated to flags of different nations.

This is a fine representation of peoples from across the continents and of all religions (tour included with the castle)

Guided tours every day from 1st April to 1st November, free entry to park.

  • View from the castle
    View from the castle
    from the Besbre
  • Lapalisse castle
    Lapalisse castle night view
  • The floral park
    The floral park
  • Theatrical tour
    Theatrical tour
  • Inside